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Signage Aberfeldy 1/4 mile

Getting around

Local resident, Emma Burtles (see video below) highlights the impact of getting around locally.  Most rural communities suffer from transport poverty in some ways and Emma thinks that the Aberfeldy community is particularly affected.  Emma would like to see more options that can overcome local reliance on cars. 

There are amazing local projects working to make a difference - Upper Tay Transport aims to give people more options - it has an active travel project and supporting local bus services (click here for more details). But in addition to improving services and providing more options, Emma thinks that we need people to fundamentally shift the way they think about travel - using differing modes of transport for different journeys, using active travel more, sharing transport and using the services we have. What do you think? 

The rural location of Aberfeldy means that it is very challenging to get around without relying on a car. What are your thoughts on this? How can we get around without having as big an impact on the environment? Shopping locally, car sharing, better public transport or Electric Vehicles (EVs)? These are just some of the ideas being trialled by other rural communities in Scotland and beyond. Would these ideas work here? How so, or why not? Are there Aberfeldy-specific challenges? And what other opportunities exist that could secure wider community benefits, for example, job creation or improved public health due to cleaner air? 

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