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ground cover in a natural context

Living well locally

Imogen (see video below) is a retired doctor and a proud member of an exciting initiative seeking to transform Aberfeldy into Scotland's Healthiest Town. The project hopes to inspire people in Highland Perthshire to implement just four simple steps to improve our health and well-being (


Imogen thinks that it would be fantastic if local people could utilise common land to grow and conserve high-quality food which could be sold to residents at an affordable price through a community shop. Not only could this contribute towards the aim of improving health and well-being, but it would also be good news for the environment as less food would need to be imported from other places, therefore saving fuel. What do you think?

What does living well locally mean to you? And how can this compliment or reinforce local climate action? Maybe you are passionate about cooking and eating well and think there is an opportunity to produce more locally grown high-quality food? Or perhaps, for you, living well locally is about being active and taking care of your health?

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